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I am a Member of IEEE Computer Society for over 30 years. Member of TEMS for over 7 years, EMBS for over 6 years, and also a WIE Affinity Group member for over 2 years. Besides being a member of IEEE Standards Association for over 5 years, I am also an active volunteer hold multiple leadership positions at HL7 (a Health Informatics Standards Development Organization) and also at ISO/TC215: International Standards Organization Technical Committee on Health Informatics TC215.

I am also active at IEEE Conferences; was 2021 Chair of SusTech: technology for sustainability – a R6 flagship conference. Earlier was its vice-chair for couple of years. I also founded, for the first time in IEEE, a year-long Virtual Series called IEEE Healthcare: Blockchain and AI – concept now gaining traction but was unique when it was started in the early days of Pandemic in 2020. Currently I am the Chair or part of Organizing Committee of a few upcoming IEEE Conferences in 2022 and beyond: Founding General Chair of 2022 IEEE 1st-GET:Global Emerging Technology Blockchain Forum.  

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Write Region 6 is one of 10 geographic regions of IEEE.   Region 6 covers the Western U.S. – from Alaska to New Mexico and Montana to Hawaii and is shown in purple in the map above.  The Region has 35 Sections and 2 sub-Sections, organized in to 5 Areas: Northeast, Northwest, Central, Southern and Southwest.

IEEE Involvement

Co-Chair Digital Health Worksop @ IECON2022

IEEE Blockchain

2022 IEEE SUSTECH2022: 9th IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability: Apr 21-23, 2022

  • 2022 Steering Committee
  • 2021 General Chair

Computer Society

Chair IEEE-SA Industry Connections: Mobile Health Apps (2021 – current)

Advisory Board Chair IEEE Student Volunteer Program (2020 – current)

Chairman IEEE Southern California Council (2018 - current)

Treasurer  IEEE Orange County Section (2018 – Mar 2022)

Chair IEEE OC CyberSecurity SIG (2018 – current)

Vice Chair IEEE OC EMBS Chapter (2019 – current)

IEEE VoLT-2 Graduate

IEEE Speaker

NON-IEEE Involvement



  • Convenor AHG4 “Standards and Conformance” (2020 - 2023)
  • Convenor WG10 “Traditional Medicines” (2020 – 2023)
  • Liaison Officer from ISO/TC215 to ISO/TC145, Graphical Symbols (2017 – current)
  • Liaison Officer from ISO/TC215 to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 41 Internet of Things and related technologies (2017 – current)
  • Task Force member of “AI in Healthcare” and lead on Skills Gap/Work Force Development sub-team  (2019 – 2021)
  • ISO/TC215 WG1 Mobile Health Subject Matter Expert and Speaker
  • USA Delegate to ISO/TC215 (Health Informatics) (2008 – current)


  • HIMSS Speaker (2021, 2016, 2014)
  • HIMSS Reviewer (2022, 2021, 2020, 2019)
  • IHE-USA 2020 Connectathon Speaker
  • Interoperability Showcase Ambassador (2021, 2022)
  • HIMSS Ambulatory Committee Member (2014-15)
  • HIMSS Connected Health Committee Member (2015-16)


My name is Gora DATTA. I am an ICT (information and communication technology) professional with 38 years of multinational experience. I specialize in Digital Health Informatics and am a pioneer in the field of Mobile Health standards. I am a serial international entrepreneur and a leader. The group company that I founded 26 years ago, CAL2CAL Corporation, is still going strong. Besides my industry experience, I also traverse the world of Academia – I am a Visiting Scholar at University of California Berkeley,..


1.    A Quantitative Research for Determining the User Requirements for Developing a System to Detect Depression CONFERENCE PAPER NOV 2021

2.    HL7 Is Foundational To Achieving Meaningful Use JOURNAL LEARNING OPENCV JANUARY 2012

3.    Design and Development of Standards (HL7 V3) Based Enterprise Architecture for Public Health Programs Integration at the County of Los Angeles CHAPTER SEPTEMBER 2008...


I am the Chair of following IEEE groups and events IEEE Healthcare: Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Virtual Series, Southern California Council, SUSTECH-2021 Conference on Sustainable Technologies, IEEE-USA USGCoI (US Government Communities of Interest) and Orange County, Southern California CyberSecurity...

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