Green Energy Forecast System using ICON-EU output data

Using the output from the DWD (German Weather Service) open-data server, the system is able to generate realistic forecasts for wind turbines and photovoltaic cells.

The forecast for photovoltaic cells includes hourly, daily, and five-day estimates of the power that can be generated per square meter (W/m2) of installed panels at a georeferenced location.

The forecast of wind turbines is derived from the prognostic variables of the ICON model, with the available Kinetic Energy for Wind Turbines measured in kWh hourly, daily, and over the next five days.

Significant Weather Events, which is a component of this application, is another crucial forecast for the production of green energy.

The visualization is made in NCL (NCAR Command Language).

The system is automatically updated every six hours.

Members: Ioan-Ștefan GABRIAN
Coordinators: Constantin Viorel MARIAN, Nicolae GOGA, Gora DATTA

Server IP: